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Pure Credit - Clear Your Name

Having a bad credit record can be devastating. At Pure Credit we know how difficult life can be when you have a low credit score due to bad comments or defaults with South Africa's credit bureaus. The good news is that there could very well be an answer to your credit problems. Thousands of South Africans have bad credit comments, defaults and even judgments that could be removed by following the advice & step by step guidance of an experienced Pure Credit attorney.

Regain a Good Credit Score

Starting the process to regain a good credit score is rather easy. You simply complete an online application and Pure Credit will provide you with a comprehensive credit report of your financial standing with South Africa's major credit bureaus. This credit report will then also be analysed by experienced attorneys from J.C. Pretorius & Associates Incorporated. They will call you at a convenient time and will give you advice on how to improve your credit score as well as providing you with the best process to remove adverse listings or judgments against your name.

Blacklisted clear your name

Removing a blacklisting can be a drawn - out process which differs from one matter to the next depending on the circumstances. We will get your credit profile and check if you are blaclisted. We will analyse your report and give you the best advice to proceed.

The first step if you are blacklisted is first to look at your profile, analyse same and give you advise on the steps to take to remove adverse information.

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