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J.C. Pretorius Attorneys Incorporated

For more than 10 years Pretoria Law Firm, J.C. Pretorius Attorneys Incorporated has been assisting South Africans in achieving a healthy credit record. In doing so we have given thousands of South Africans the chance to be financially free and reap the benefits of having a good credit score with South Africa's credit bereaus. We also do Self-Help-Divorces

Pure Credit & J.C. Pretorius Attorneys at Law

Pure Credit is an initiative launced by J.C. Pretorius Attorneys in Pretoria with the aim to help help South African citizens to regain control of their financial status.

Through Pure Credit, J.C. Pretorius Attorneys provides you with an easy to use online portal that will help you get back in control of your credit record. We undertake to assist you every step of the way in getting a pure credit record so you can enjoy the benefits of financial freedom.

Put J.C. Pretorius Attorneys & Pure Credit to the test, we are sure to impress you with our skills in getting a good credit rating.